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Harness the Power of Your Data

The ability to integrate new and diverse data sets from multiple internal and external sources is vital to understanding the information generated in a constantly changing business climate.

Governments and organizations across the world are forced to make critical decisions without understanding all of the data available to them. Not having the right information at your fingertips unnecessarily increases risk. There has to be a better way.

Created by 4DD Software, TETRA Platform™ business solutions provide governments, organizations and businesses an easy, intuitive way to leverage data from a wide variety of platforms. This revolutionary technology lets you automate reusable processes and create powerful queries that deliver the real-time information necessary to make important decisions. TETRA Platform “TETRA” delivers the power of your data accessible whenever and however you want it.

What TETRA Does For Your Business

TETRA enables your business or agency to quickly pull data from multiple sources, across many different platforms and proprietary system formats, and integrate them into an automated, drag-and-drop system that allows you to fuse and correlate the data to get the answers you need.

Maximize ROI from your current IT assets by providing a unified infrastructure to logically bridge any number of internal and external data sources containing information important to your decision-making process. With support for both centralized and distributed information assets, you can efficiently integrate legacy system data with modern business processes; allowing you to use data from the web, social media and enterprise data systems all in the same process, and in real-time.

Harness the Power of Your Data to Move at the Speed of Ideas

4DD Software’s data specialists can help you determine which TETRA Platform™ product or service will work best for your business or agency. Call us at 888.882.6827 or contact us online to set up a time for a one-on-one brainstorming session to come up with the ideal Big Data solution for your business.

Curious? Let's Brainstorm

  • Working with
    Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters provides financial support, management expertise, bench strength and market presence. 4DD brings agility and its breakthrough technology, TETRA Platform™.
  • Start your data
    integration projects
    at 80% complete

    Take a step forward in capitalizing on a fast, agile and innovative set of products that reduce time to market, and maximize your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Move at the
    speed of ideas

    Successful Rapid Deployments are leveraged through 4DD's products, igniting your organization's ability to keep up with constantly changing data challenges.
  • Visual
    SOA capability

    TETRA Platform's™ intuitive graphical interface, allows for enterprise SOA implementations to be developed and managed through a visual component.
  • Further enhance
    your IT investments

    TETRA Platform’s™ powerful system can quickly enhance the capabilities of your current systems by seamlessly integrating multiple systems, applications, databases, and web services.
  • Turn big data
    into smart data

    TETRA Platform™ reduces organizational risk, while maximizing actionable intelligence by transforming your Big Data problems into Smart Data Solutions.
  • Let us solve your
    biggest data

    4DD Software data specialists will sit down with your for a brainstorming session on how to solve your big data problems. Contact us for more information.


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