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  • Results Matter

    A lean solution to expensive
  • Move at the Speed of Business

    Empower your business to break free of
    existing constraints.
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  • Seamless Integration

    Achieve complete Interoperability
    through advanced data virtualization.
  • Leverage a Plug-and-Play Architecture

    Create, distribute, and manage distributed
    enterprise data solutions from one unified smart host.
  • TETRA can be the Future of Your Business

    Harness the Power of Your Data.
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A distributed, agile & extendable suite of enterprise data solutions to drive your
business forward.

Your next generation business requires next generation technology because Results Matter

4DD Software delivers TETRA Platform products and solutions engineered to solve complex and large-scale data problems. We provide TETRA EP as an integrated product suite for the enterprise, enabling normally complex and expensive solutions to be delivered more quickly and at a reduced cost.

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